Tucker Carlson SLAMS Mueller Probe “Mission Creep”; “Massive Threat To The White House”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed the Mueller investigation Friday evening in his monologue. Tucker called the Mueller probe a “mission creep” and a massive threat to the White House.

Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel due to a plot that fired FBI Director Comey hatched when he leaked the contents of his memos to the press through a friend. This entire investigation is a witch hunt and a sham and it needs to end.

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton has repeatedly called the Mueller probe ‘out of control’ and ‘unconstitutional’. Fitton also said that this probe is merely a way to jail Trump and his family members.

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Who Is White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci?

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned from his position as press secretary Friday after news broke Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci was hired as communications director.

Who is Scaramucci? Here are ten things to know.

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JPM’s Jamie Dimon Blows Up At Washington On Earnings Call

  • JPMorgan Chase reported quarterly earnings Friday.
  • On the bank’s earnings call, CEO Jamie Dimon answered a question about his view on Washington’s impact on the economy.
  • The executive proceeded to go on a roughly four-minute rant.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon expressed frustration at the U.S. federal government during the company’s earnings conference call Friday.

“It’s almost an embarrassment being an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid s— we have to deal with in this country,” Dimon said in response to an analyst question.

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Do Americans Have a Right to Know If Their Government Is Incompetent?

A Senate report on Trump administration leaks overstates national security risks.

A new report put together by the staff of the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs warns of an “avalanche” of leaks from President Donald Trump’s administration. The report contends these leaks are threats to our country’s safety and security, but we should be very wary about accepting such assertions given how little evidence the report provides.

From Inauguration Day to May 25, the report notes, at least 125 stories have appeared in the news that are sourced from “leaked information potentially damaging national security.” That’s about a leak a day. The authors calculate this is seven times higher than the number of similar leaks in the early months of George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s administrations.

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Trump’s Leaks Crackdown Sends Chills Through National Security World

Agency officials say measures have been taken to isolate leakers, creating a culture of fear.

National security officials across the federal government say they are seeing new restrictions on who can access sensitive information, fueling fears in the intelligence and security community that the Trump administration has stepped up a stealthy operation to smoke out leakers.

Officials at various national security agencies also say they are becoming more concerned that the administration is carefully tracking what they’re doing and who they’re talking to — then plotting to use them as a scapegoat or accuse them of leaks.

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Investigation: Trump Admin Hit With At Least One National Security Leak A Day, Threatening U.S. Operations

The Trump administration is battling an unprecedented wave of national security leaks that are appearing in the press at least once a day, significantly more than either the former Obama or Bush administration experienced in the same time frame, according to a new Senate investigation that warns these leaks are endangering U.S. security operations and relations with allied nations.

“Since President Trump assumed office, our nation has faced an unprecedented wave of potentially damaging leaks of information,” according to a new report published by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

“Under President Trump, leaks are flowing at the rate of one a day,” according to the report, which notes that “under President Trump’s predecessors, leaks of national security information were relatively rare.”

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Here’s How Often Leaks Are Coming From The Trump Administration

Since President Trump assumed office in January, the U.S. has faced an “unprecedented wave of potentially damaging leaks of information” coming from the administration, a new Senate report finds.

The document, from Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, was first reported by Politico.

Between Jan. 20 and May 25, 2017, at least 125 stories were leaked with information that was potentially damaging to national security: one leak a day.

The report says that leaks of national security information during previous administrations “were relatively rare, even with America’s vibrant free press.”

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