Intolerance: Winner of Makeup Competition Disqualified Over Pro-Trump Social Media Post

The facts of this case seem to be pretty straightforward: A talented makeup artist from Kansas won a national contest, entitling her to a swanky trip to Los Angeles and a generous gift card.  After the decision was rendered, it was revealed that the victor was — gasp — supportive of President Trump, an irrelevancy that nevertheless led directly to the rescission of her crown.  In End of Discussion (of which there’s a new paperback edition with fresh content arriving on August 1st), Mary Katharine Ham and I decry the hard Left’s exhausting and obnoxious efforts to politicize every aspectof American life.  This is an egregious example of that phenomenon, wherein a woman who won a competition fair and square, on the entirely non-ideological merits, is being punished for thoughtcrimes.  Rich Lowry’s wry observation about the kerfuffle is an understatement:

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Black Conservative Student: Here’s What Happened To Me On Campus After I Openly Supported Trump

“Diversity at my school stopped at skin color.”

As has become increasingly impossible to ignore, academia’s claim that it champions “diversity” does not include the most important and fundamental type of diversity: diversity of thought. Conservatives on college campuses across the country have seen in dramatic fashion over the last few years an open hostility, among both students and faculty alike, to those who hold mainstream conservative views. Kalasia Richer, an unapologetically conservative African American student, recently described to The Daily Wire just how serious that hostility became for her this year.

A Political Science and Communications double major and officer in her school’s College Republicans chapter, Richer says that her opposition to illegal immigration and support for Donald Trump resulted in a series of “violent” threats that were so serious that campus authorities felt it necessary to temporarily “relocate” her from her dorm and offer her a Public Safety officer to escort her to class.

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Poll: Nearly Half Of Liberals Say Friend Supporting Trump Would Hurt Friendship

Almost half of liberal-leaning Democrats said that a friendship would be strained if they found out their friend had voted for President Trump, a new Pew Research Center poll found.

The survey, released Thursday, found that 47 percent of liberal Democrats said their relationships would be strained if they found out a friend backed Trump.

Comparatively, only 25 percent of conservative and moderate Democrats said a friend backing Trump would hurt their friendship. The poll also found that Democrats with higher education levels were more likely to say their friendships would be strained by a Trump-supporting friend.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans said it is “stressful and frustrating” to talk with those who have a different opinion about Trump. Nearly 70 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters said so, while 52 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning respondents agreed.

Voting for Hillary Clinton was far less likely to impact a friendship, with just 13 percent of Republicans saying that a friend voting for the former Democratic presidential candidate would strain their friendship.

The Pew Research poll surveyed 2,505 American adults by phone from June 27 through July 9, and has a margin of error of 2.2 percent.

Source: Poll: Nearly half of liberals say friend supporting Trump would hurt friendship | TheHill

White House Calls Idea Of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump And Putin ‘False, Malicious And Absurd’

Several mainstream news media outlets reported Tuesday evening that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a second, undisclosed “meeting” at the G-20 summit earlier this month in Hamburg, Germany, attended only by Putin’s translator.

The “meeting” — occurring during a dinner for heads of states and their spouses, supposedly “raised the eyebrows” of other foreign leaders at the dinner, for breaking national security protocol by not also having a U.S. translator present, according to Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer, who first reported the meeting in a note sent to clients, according to Reuters.

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Sharyl Attkisson Exposes Big Media In The Smear

Journalists today are elitists with their own agenda, never actually practicing journalism.  Only a handful can be respected, trusted, and believed.  Sharyl Attkisson falls into this category.  She is an author and investigative reporter who hosts the syndicated TV news series Full Measure.  Attkisson is a whistleblower of sorts in educating the public about the biased media.  Her latest book, The Smear, reveals the tactics used to influence opinions in order to obscure the truth.

In the beginning of this book, Attkisson discusses the propaganda campaign used by the OSS, the predecessor to the CIA.  They had asked the legendary Marlene Dietrich to sing “Lili Marlene” in German and English in order to make the Axis forces feel homesick and realize they were fighting for the wrong side.  She contrasts this with Hitler’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels’s playbook, which calls for creating a big lie – the bigger, the better to get more people to believe it.  Repeat it often enough so it becomes the truth, and persistence is the most important requirement for success.

Here’s 7 Examples Of Establishment Media Burying Key Details In Their ‘Bombshell’ Russia Stories

The bombshell media reports about the Trump-Russia probe habitually put the incriminating information front and center, while burying mitigating information deep within the article.

The New York Times is by far the worst offender, though other publications, such as Reuters, aren’t immune.

The evidence speaks for itself. Here are seven examples, listed below:

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Bused In Baltimore Protesters Promote Violent Revolution In America

Over the weekend, Squawker Media attended a “Unity March,” which was organized in support of the immigrant community in Baltimore, Maryland. In a Facebook group titled “Patterson Park Neighbors,” City Councilman Zeke Berzoff-Cohen of District 1 said in a post, “The march was organized by local Baltimore young people as part of the Free Minds Free People Conference. This will be a family march and I invite everyone to come out and show love and support.”

What we’re about to show you is the true nature of the groups actively working to ensure that America remains divided. The above Facebook post by Councilman Berzoff-Cohen deceptively telling the citizens of Baltimore that the march was organized by Baltimore’s youth demonstrates a harrowing reality: operatives are trying to undermine the system. Such operatives receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from organizations dedicated to undermining the social cohesion of the United States and have infiltrated even local city politics. From this report, and the exclusive video captured on-site at the protest, you will see firsthand just how deeply George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is entrenched in our political system, even at the municipal and local levels.

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