ObamaCare Premiums Set To Fall For First Time After Rising 117% Under Obama

In what could be one of the greatest – if not the greatest – political irony in recent memory, new data on Obamacare plan premiums released this week by the Department of Health and Human Services revealed that ObamaCare premiums will decline by an average of 1.5% next year, marking the first year-over-year decline in the program’s history. While lower health-care costs should be a boon for for not just the working class, but also those unreasonably wealthy Americans earning $50,000 a year or more who don’t have access to subsidies under the program, the simple fact that Republicans are doing a better job managing ObamaCare than Democrats did could create an intractable political problem for Dems running in swing states, who will now be left with the difficult task of explaining exactly how and why the Trump administration – which they have blamed for doing everything in its power to gut the program – is actually doing a better job of running ObamaCare than the Democrats did….

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Trump Is right: There’s No Possible Way We Can Afford ‘Medicare For All’

On Wednesday, President Trump authored an op-ed slamming “Medicare for all.”

According to him, if Democrats succeed in implementing their single-payer proposal, “costs will spiral out of control. Taxes will skyrocket. And Democrats will seek to slash budgets for seniors’ Medicare, Social Security and Defense.”

He’s absolutely right. Voters would do well to heed his warning.

Lately championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the ill-conceived socialist dream of “Medicare for all” is gaining steam. Sixteen Democratic senators have co-sponsored the legislation. And a whopping 123 House Democrats, representing more than 60 percent of the minority party, support a related bill. Moreover, many candidates running for office have embraced the idea….

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Medicare Goes Bust In Eight Years

Medicare is going bust in 8 years. According to the Boards of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, by 2026, there will be insufficient funds for care and access to physicians will become a major problem. Eight years is very short. Every politician is afraid to have Medicare fail on their watch, so they won’t get rid of Obamacare because they NEED the health plans.

In order to sustain the Medicare program, doctors and hospitals will have to be paid less and Americans will have to pay higher taxes. Current Medicare patients are using the money (payroll taxes) that today’s workers are paying. Many recipients (I don’t call them beneficiaries) will receive three times as much out of Medicare as they put into it in payroll taxes. It’s being bankrolled by their grandchildren….

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How AARP Made Billions Denying People With Pre-Existing Conditions

The most vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries—those enrolled because they receive disability benefits—often cannot obtain Medigap coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted to maintain access to short-term health coverage. Senate Democrats offered a resolution disapproving of the Trump administration’s new rules regarding the more affordable plans, but the resolution did not advance on a 50-50 tie vote.

Because short-term plans need not comply with Obamacare’s restrictions on covering prior health ailments, Senate Democrats used the resolution to claim they will protect individuals with pre-existing conditions. But what if I told you that, in the years since Obamacare passed, one organization has made more than $4.5 billion in profits, largely from denying care to vulnerable individuals with pre-existing conditions?

You might feel surprised. After all, didn’t Obamacare supposedly prohibit “discrimination” against individuals with pre-existing conditions? But what if I told you that the organization raking in all those profits was none other than AARP, the organization that claims to represent seniors? Then the profits might make more sense….

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Rand Paul Reveals Media Hid Key Detail About GOP Baseball Attacker

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed on Wednesday that the media largely ignored a key detail from the attempted mass murder of Republican lawmakers last year at a baseball field in Virginia.

Appearing on Fox News’ “FOX & Friends,” Paul condemned the violent rhetoric of the political Left and the Democratic Party and warned that someone is going to end up getting killed if the inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t stop.

“I was there at the ball field when Steven Scalise almost died from a very, very angry violent man who was incited really by rhetoric on the left,” Paul said….

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Democrats’ Campaign To Delegitimize The Supreme Court Is An Attempt To Intimidate The Justices

As in the runup to the first Obamacare decision, Democrats hope that threats to the Court’s legitimacy can influence one or more of the conservative Justices, particularly Chief Justice Roberts.

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming.

Throughout the full frontal assault on Brett Kavanaugh, we warned that the goal of liberals was to delegitimize Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court:

This was not about getting to the truth.

It’s part of a pattern of unhinged Democrat Senators and their alt-left supporters trying to delegitimize Kavanaugh and a coming conservative Supreme Court.

We have seen this movie before.

The Electoral College did not help Democrats in 2016, even though in the past it often has helped Democrats because they normally have a lock on large electoral states. So Democrats then declared the Electoral College illegitimate, attempted to intimidate the Electors into altering their votes, and now continue the campaign against the Electoral College….

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A Vox Mystery: Why Have Deductibles Risen Eight Times Faster Than Wages Since 2008?

Better Vox mystery: How do you write about health insurance costs without mentioning the biggest government intervention in the markets in history? On Friday, Vox’s health-care analyst Sarah Kliff attempted to explain the rise in interest for single-payer health care by using this chart showing Americans having to pay far more of their costs out of pocket. Kliff gets this chart from the Kaiser Family Foundation showing deductibles skyrocketing over the last decade — but never quite explains why….

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