CBS Ignores Farrakhan’s ‘Death To America’ Chant In Iran, Whines About Sanctions

Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam, an anti-Semite, a bigot, and an icon to many on the left. His close relationships with many Democratic politicians and liberal activists are almost always treated as a closely guarded secret by the liberal media. That effort to obfuscate Farrakhan was in full effect during Monday’s CBS Evening News report on Iranian sanctions as they ignored the anti-Semite’s chants of “death to America” and “death to Israel” while he was there on Sunday.

While CBS was whining about the U.S. reinstating the pre-nuclear deal sanctions on the radical regime, Fox News Channel’s Special Report was exposing Farrakhan. According to anchor Bret Baier….

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Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Coming Into Focus

Gradually, almost imperceptibly, the outline of a coherent Trump foreign policy is emerging and succeeding. The elements were to withdraw from the role as the default war-maker in the Middle East without creating a vacuum, render Russia less adversarial without facing it down into the arms of the Chinese, and revitalize the Western Alliance to a plausible notion of multilateral contributions and not just an American military guarantee for everyone, ex gratia and pro bono.

At the same time, there would be unrestricted war on terrorist organizations, a revival of nuclear non-proliferation by direct and overbearing threats to North Korea and Iran, and the reconstruction of America’s status as the world’s preeminent economy by tax reductions, deregulation, renegotiation of trade treaties, and encouragement of energy self-sufficiency.

There have been some unfortunate moments from a presentational standpoint, but it is a good plan and it is working….

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China, Russia, North Korea, And Iran Set For Electronic Pulse Attacks On U.S.

Declassified report warns of dangers from electromagnetic pulse

China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are preparing nuclear electronic pulse attacks from space in a future conflict to cripple the U.S. military and plunge the United States into darkness, according to a declassified study.

“The United States critical national infrastructure faces a present and continuing existential threat from combined-arms warfare, including cyber and manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, and natural EMP from a solar superstorm,” says a recently published report from the congressional Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack….”

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Saudi Arabia’s Twitter Troll Army Is Lethal

The Kingdom’s vast operation of authoritarian social media control and weaponization isn’t confined to people who live there.

A recent article in The New York Times headlined “Saudis’ Image Makers: A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider” highlights the danger of undemocratic countries in the Middle East exploiting new media platforms to eliminate activists and dissidents.

That such cyber campaigns are prevailing only underscore how the Arab authoritarian regimes have fully grasped the importance of social media’s impact on politics in the post-Arab Spring period. Indeed, the Arab uprisings in 2011 shook the region in no small part because of social media’s ability to streamline communication and mobilize opposition….

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The Saudis Keep Changing Their Story On The Murder Of Khashoggi. What Should We Do?

The Saudi version of the disappearance and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi seems to change every day or so. The latest is the Saudi government claim that the opposition journalist was killed in a “botched interrogation” at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Or was it a fist-fight? What is laughable is that the Saudi king has placed Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, a prime suspect, in charge of the investigation of Khashoggi’s murder!

Though the official story keeps changing, what is unlikely to change is Washington’s continued relationship with Saudi Arabia. It is a partnership that is in no way beneficial to Americans or the US national interest….

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‘Mohammad bin Salman Must Go’, But US-Saudi Ties Are Here To Stay

Mohammad bin Salman is fully aware of the Western elite’s understanding of its own values. While he may be given a pass to bomb Yemen and kill thousands of innocent civilians, he should know better than to dare touch a Washington Post columnist – “one of ours”, as one MSNBC host said. Did he not realize there would be consequences?

As more information came out, many analysts began to confront the most obvious question. Was it possible that Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) was so arrogant that he could not imagine the consequences of such a heinous crime? How could MBS betray Trump this way, not anticipating that the Democrats and the mainstream media would jump all over Trump’s friendship with him? Could he be so foolish as to place in jeopardy foreign investments planned at the Davos in the Desert conference on October 23? The answer to that question is apparently: yes, he could.

The only rational explanation for this behavior is that MBS thought he could get away with it. Remember that we are talking about someone who had Saad Hariri, the prime minister of Lebanon, kidnapped and carried off to the Kingdom, with his whereabouts unknown for days but with very little reaction from the mainstream media or Western politicians. It is possible that in this instance, MBS simply misjudged the level of Khashoggi’s popularity amongst neoliberals of the Washington establishment, provoking an unexpected response. Furthermore, the thesis that the Saudis understood that they had some kind of green light from Trump is not to be totally dismissed. Such a backlash is what you get from having a big mouthpraise your friends too much, and tweet all the time….

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Jeff Bezos Has Been Quiet On WaPo’s Jamal Khashoggi

  • Bezos hasn’t made any public comments on Khashoggi since his disappearance in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Amazon Web Services is opening a region in the Middle East and is looking for a head of public policy for Saudi Arabia.
  • Bezos and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met in Seattle earlier this year.

As the story of Jamal Khashoggi unfolds, one significant person has remained silent: Jeff Bezos.

Bezos owns The Washington Post, the newspaper that employed Khashoggi when the journalist entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on Oct. 2. Khashoggi hasn’t been seen since, and a Turkish official has said that Saudi agents killed and dismembered him inside the consulate, according to The New York Times. The Saudi government has denied any connection to the disappearance.

With his gruesome story capturing front-page headlines, U.S. business leaders have voiced their disdain.

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Google Cloud head Diane Greene are among top executives to pull out of an investment conference in Saudi Arabia scheduled for later this month. Others, including Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, IDEO CEO Tim Brown, and Dan Doctoroff, head of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, have said they won’t work with Saudi Arabia’s futuristic NEOM project even though they’ve been named as advisors.

Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and the world’s richest person, has made no public statement….

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