Trump Is Winning His War on Immigration

Americans may not like Trump’s crackdown. But they’re not stopping it.

It’s easy to lose sight, amid the dangers and dysfunctions of Donald Trump’s presidency, of his very real success on a core issue.

Trump made a bold bet against immigration in his 2016 campaign. That bet had two components. First, Trump gauged that a passionate anti-immigrant faction of the Republican Party could be the foundation of a winning campaign. Second, he bet that a majority of Americans, who have expressed far more benign views toward immigrants, including the undocumented, would not match the passion of immigration restrictionists.

In effect, Trump wagered that he could handle immigration politics the way Republicans have long handled gun politics, appealing to the hard right and ignoring the moderate middle.

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Top Trump Official Warns Special Immigration Status May End Soon For A Million People

President Donald Trump’s top immigration official warned Hispanic members of Congress Wednesday that over a million people living in the United States under a special protected status could soon be placed in line for deportation.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that the fate of deferred action program known as DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — will likely be determined by the courts, perhaps as soon as September, and that attorneys he’s consulted with do not think the program is legally sustainable. Kelly also would not commit to extending temporary protected status, or TPS, for nationals from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and four other countries, but indicated that TPS for Haitians will likely end.

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Trump’s Border Wall Gets Full $1.6B Funding In ‘Big Win’

Just before he boarded Air Force One late Wednesday to fly off to Paris for Bastille Day with the French president, President Trump fired out a tweet.

Smart move, because the “Big WIN” got precious little news coverage from the mainstream media, obsessing over a new nothingburger story on Russian collusion.

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Trump Is Winning the Immigration Debate

Could Democrats shift right on immigration?

With his penchant for tweeted insults and GIFs, Donald Trump will never be mistaken for a master of the sweet art of persuasion. Yet he is clearly winning the public argument on the issue of immigration.

He isn’t doing it through sustained, careful attention. No, it is the sheer fact of his November victory, and the data showing the importance of the issue of immigration to it, that has begun to shift the intellectual climate.

It had been assumed, even by many Republicans like John McCain, that opposition to amnesty and higher levels of legal immigration would doom the GOP to minority status forevermore. Trump blew up this conventional wisdom.

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The Future Of Multicultural Europe: German City With The Most Immigrants Also Has The Most Crime

Over the past 20 years, European cities have slowly become more ethnically diverse, as EU governments open their borders to foreign populations. And as this process has taken place, the authorities have been quick to cover up any crimes that have been committed by these populations. For instance, Swedish police are no longer allowed to describe the ethnic background of the criminals they catch, and most notably, the German government and press were desperate to cover up hundreds sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne in 2015.

However, there are certain statistics that can’t be covered up. A government can try to conceal the connection between crimes and specific ethnic groups, but they can’t cover up the overall crime statistics of an entire city. Plus, politically correct governments can’t really hide the ethnic diversity of their cities. That’s something that their progressive sensibilities command them to promote.

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NYC To Pay $16M For Illegals’ Lawyer Fees, Subways Held Together With Zip Ties

As left-wing Mayor Bill de Blasio designates millions of dollars of taxpayer money to pay the lawyer fees of illegal immigrants, New York’s failing subway system is falling into greater disrepair — with  a state of emergency being declared by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and one straphanger spotting that her subway train was being held together with a zip tie.

De Blasio earmarked $16 million in his budget proposal in April to pay the legal fees of people in the Big Apple illegally — part of a broader push from de Blasio to remove any serious distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

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SCOTUS Reinstates Substantially All Of Trump Travel Order

This is a huge victory for Trump on stay application, Court to hear full case in October.

In a per curiam Order (full embed at bottom of post), the Supreme Court agreed to hear the Trump Travel Order cases, and also substantially lifted the injunctions, with the exception of people seeking admission who already have a bona fide connection to the U.S.

This represents a huge win for Trump. The key element of his Second Travel Order (the one at issue on appeal) was to exercise his constitutional and statutory power to exclude persons from the U.S. The lower courts effectively took that power away, and substituted their own judgments as to security threats. With a relatively narrow exception, that power has been reinstated to the presidency, pending a full decision on the merits of the case.

As to accepting the case the court wrote:

To begin, we grant both of the Government’s petitions for certiorari and consolidate the cases for argument. The Clerk is directed to set a briefing schedule that will permit the cases to be heard during the first session of October Term 2017.

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