Of Course Healthcare Is Expensive. It’s A Monopoly.

One could probably list a thousand ways the healthcare system in the United States is flawed and anti-free market, but one of the more important aspects is rarely spoken of: the monopolization of the healthcare industry.

For the last century, the American Medical Association (AMA) has had a government-granted monopoly over our healthcare. Through state boards, AMA members have restricted the number of medical schools in existence, and through licensure laws, they’ve limited the number of doctors allowed to practice medicine.

All of this has had the detrimental effect of restricting the supply and thus raising the price of healthcare.

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Debunking Four Of The Most Common Health Care Myths

Must know facts as GOP senators grapple with Obamacare repeal, California flirts with single-payer

Republican lawmakers face an increasingly hostile calendar and intense Democratic resistance as they struggle to find the majority needed to pass a partial repeal of Obamacare in the U.S. Senate. Reports Tuesday indicate that GOP senators, led by Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-Wy.), will proceed with writing a new bill, separate from the American Health Care Act the House passed on May 4.

While Republicans senators struggle to stop the spiraling collapse of the Affordable Care Act at the federal level, state legislators in California are considering the creation of a state-wide, single-payer health care system — a longtime dream of liberal Democrats.

Amid the chaos and the uncertainty, here are some health care myths that need busting, if we are to control costs and ensure access to all Americans:

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Drops Out Of Nebraska Individual Market

Health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield announced Thursday that it would not be participating in the invidual market in Nebraska next year, and the remaining insurer hasn’t decided if it will leave also.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is projected to lose $12 million this year from offering plans in the state, and the company would need to increase its price for premiums next year by 50 percent. The company previously participated in the Obamacare exchanges, which resulted in $150 million in losses.

Democrats and the law’s defenders have pointed to such moves as evidence of Republican sabotage of Obamacare, while Republicans point to results as evidence that the law isn’t working. Nebraska’s Republican governor, Pete Ricketts, said the decision from Blue Cross “demonstrates the failure of Obamacare and how the system was so poorly designed that great companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield can’t stay in the marketplace. It highlights that Congress needs to act to make the health care system sustainable.”

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Obamacare Is a Scam. Where’s the Special Prosecutor?

So you may have heard the CBO came out last week with their new Obamacare report. They claim 22 million Americans might lose insurance coverage.

It’s strange how they don’t care that I already lost mine because of Obamacare. Millions of middle class Americans like me lost their policies because of Obamacare. Why wasn’t that mentioned by the CBO?

It’s strange how they didn’t mention that almost every single middle class American that still has health insurance is paying triple or quadruple their old rates before Obamacare.

My policy went from $500 per month to $2000 per month because of Obamacare. And it covers almost nothing. The CBO forgot to mention that.

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Obamacare Premium Hikes Worse Than Thought

Ryan says GOP on ‘rescue mission’ after report finds average health care bill doubled since 2013

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) brushed aside a Congressional Budget Office report predicting a reduction in the insurance rate if a GOP health bill becomes law, arguing Thursday that this week provided fresh evidence Obamacare is failing.

At a news conference, Ryan pointed to this week’s announcement by Blue Cross and Blue Shield that it is pulling out of the Affordable Care Act exchanges in 32 counties in Kansas and Missouri.

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Legal Weed Could Save Medicaid More Than $1 Billion

Medical marijuana legalization is causing patients to ditch their prescription pills for pot, a trend researchers say could save Medicaid more than $1 billion if legalization is implemented federally.

A recent study published in Health Affairs shows marijuana legalization is sparking a decline in prescription medications under Medicaid. The research, which analyzed Medicaid data in states with medical marijuana programs, found rates of prescriptions being filled under Medicaid for opioid painkillers dropped by 11 percent, and other addictive medications followed similar patterns, reports The Colorado Statesman.

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No, the Republican Healthcare Bill Would Not Cause 23 Million People to “Lose” Insurance

As Katie reported last evening, the latest Congressional Budget Office score of the House-passed American Health Care Act contains good news and bad news for the GOP. On the bright side, it appears that its central fiscal outcome complies with reconciliation rules, which would allow the process to move forward without a complicated tweak-and-do-over vote in the House. The nonpartisan scorekeeper also found that individual market premiums “would decline on average,” and would reduce the federal deficit by $119 billion. On the other hand, media outlets are running with false headlines like these:

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