Al Gore Refuses To Give Direct Answer When Confronted Over Bogus 2006 Claims On Climate Change

Former Vice President Al Gore failed to directly answer a question recently about some of his controversial climate change claims during recent press availability for his newest documentary on the environment.

In his life post White House, Gore has spent much of his time advocating against climate change and global warming. He released a world-famous documentary in 2006 titled “An Inconvenient Truth.” Many of Gore’s predictions in the documentary never came true, so 11 years later Gore decided to release a sequel to his first film.

The movie, which is set to release this week, is aptly titled, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” According to a synopsis: “The film follows the efforts made to tackle climate change and Al Gore’s attempts to persuade governmental leaders to invest in renewable energy, culminating in the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016.”

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So Is The New York Times Making The Case For Skipping The Paris Climate Accords?

A few weeks ago, many of us supported President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accords for a couple of reasons.

First, President Obama did not send the accord to the U.S. Senate for a treaty ratification, and second, what’s the point of having an accord that requires nothing from China?  Why do a manufacturing surrender and throw U.S. workers under the bus?

Well, the N.Y. Times’ editorial is making President Trump’s point about China.  I’m not sure that this was their intention, but their attack on China should have come when this deal was being negotiated.

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Don’t Let Climate Alarmists Neuter Your Kids’ Desire For A Family

If they can’t reduce the current number of people on earth, climate alarmists can teach young people that reproducing is amongst the worst of moral sins. But they’re wrong.

Never mind that the United States has its lowest birth rate ever, a major problem for both our economy and entitlement programs, a new study from IOP Science wants to stop young people from ruining the world by teaching them of the dangerous effects of having children. The authors claim that “having one fewer child” is the most significant action one can take “to contribute to systemic change and substantially reduce annual personal emissions.” While they also named living car-free, avoiding travel by plane, and eating a vegetarian diet as effective emissions-reducing techniques, they assert these actions have only a fraction of the potential to save the earth as strictly limiting family size.

They reached their findings based on a 2009 study where “half of a child’s emissions are assigned to each parent, as well as one quarter of that child’s offspring (the grandchildren) and so forth.”

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Soros Gave $20.7 Million To Alleged Russia-Funded Climate Groups In US

The liberal media would have you believe Russian involvement in the U.S. is new and tied solely to the Trump administration. But records from 2010 and 2011 reveal Russia may have funded U.S.-based environmental groups, 10 of which are also backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

Republican Reps. Lamar Smith and Randy Weber sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on June 29, requesting he investigate allegations that Russia has financially backed anti-fracking campaigns in the U.S. in an attempt to “safeguard the influence of the Russian oil and gas sector.” Smith and Weber are chairmen of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

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Climate-Change Fearmongering Has Turned Totally Unhinged

One of the hallmarks of the “Ugly American” is the habit of thinking foreigners will understand what you’re saying if you just shout it louder and louder.

The Ugly Environmentalist does something similar. He exaggerates the challenge of global warming by using ever more hysterical rhetoric, thinking that if the last doomsday prediction didn’t work, this one will.

For instance, Stephen Hawking, the famous astrophysicist, recently said that the consequences of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord were monumental: “Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees [Celsius] and raining sulfuric acid.”

As Nathan Cofnas notes in The Weekly Standard, this is nuts. The share of the atmosphere taken up by that vile gas carbon dioxide (which just happens to sustain all plant life) is 400 parts per million. It’s been much higher than that in the past without boiling the oceans or raining acid from the sky.

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The Right Calls Climate Change A Leap Of Faith. But Denial Is A Leap Into The Abyss.

Climate change presents us with an existential challenge: Can humans muster the political will to save ourselves?

Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park, once said in a speech to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco that environmentalism had morphed into “a perfect 21st century remapping of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and myths,” transforming it into “one of the most powerful religions in the Western World.”

“There’s an initial Eden, a paradise, a state of grace and unity with nature,” Crichton said. “There’s a fall from grace into a state of pollution as a result of eating from the tree of knowledge; and as a result of our actions there is a judgment day coming for us all. We are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability.”

Calling environmentalism a form of religion goes back at least to the 1960s, but Crichton’s reputation and precise formulation gave the equation a new power and stickiness. The meme has become one of the Right’s favorite digs at the green movement, and especially at belief in climate change.

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Global Warming Porn: Addiction To Computer-Generated Scenarios

So, you want to understand the fringe of the global warming religion. I think I have found it.

First, 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying there is insufficient evidence that any relationship exists between man-made emissions and global warming. You can read this here. In short, the whole global warming scenario is a fantasy.

Second, a truly apocalyptic article appears in New York, which is a mainstream site aimed at mainstream liberals. That is why this article is important. It is so utterly mainstream. It begins with a headline that can hardly be out-apocalypsed: The Uninhabitable Earth. There is a headline:

Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.

The author is David Wallace-Wells. Who is he? He has no Wikipedia page. All we know is this: he is a writer living in New York.

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