“May The Bursting Of The Student Loan Bubble Commence!”

The Looming Last Gasp of Indoctrination?

The inevitable collapse of the student loan “market” and with it the take-down of many higher educational institutions will be one of the happiest and much needed events to look forward to in the coming months/years.  Whether the student loan bubble bursts on its own or implodes due to a general economic collapse, does not matter as long as higher education is dealt a death blow and can no longer be a conduit of socialist and egalitarian nonsense for the inculcation of young minds.

Complain… declare bankruptcy… think for food… occupy… Decisions, decisions. [PT]

The perilous condition of the student loan sector can be seen by looking at a few ominous pieces of data:

  • The US has around $1.3 trillion in non-dischargeable loans to students
  • Over 120 billion in student loans are already in default
  • 27% of students are a month behind on their payments*

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Students Definitely Want Socialism But Don’t Know What It Is

Campus Reform brings us another great, or perhaps not so great, video of completely clueless college students. The liberal ideas on campus may flow like wine, but in the end, the students have no idea what they’re talking about.

CR descended into Washington, D.C. to find out what students had to say about socialism. The young people were presented with two questions: “Do you like socialism?” and “What is socialism?” The former was easily answered. The second, not so much.

“It quickly became clear that while most of the people we spoke with held an idyllic view of socialism, most had little idea of what it actually is,” CR’s media director Cabot Phillips wrote.

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Trump SHAKES UP Public Education…It’s A GAMECHANGER

So far, Donald Trump’s presidency has gotten more conservative reforms accomplished in six months than the last Republican president accomplished in eight years…and his next move could be a game-changer.

The Washington Times reports that Trump has signed an executive order directing the Education Department’s Regulatory Review Task Force to spend the better part of a year reviewing the Obama administration’s education regulations and guidances, with an eye toward reducing the federal government’s role and restoring control to states and localities:

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70% Of College Grads Will Never Pay Off Their Student Loans

More than two-thirds of British college graduates will never pay off their student loans, according to research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

UK policy was making it easy for college graduates to avoid fully repaying their student loans, the study found, since large amounts of student debt is simply written off if loans aren’t repaid in 30 years.

“These new findings add to concerns the current policy of lending large sums to students to pay for their degree – rather than funding universities directly – is not sustainable over the long-term,” Andrew Gunn, a higher education researcher involved in the study at the University of Leeds, wrote in The Conversation Friday.

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14 Facts That Prove That America’s Absolutely Pathetic System Of Public Education Deserves An ‘F’ Grade

One thing that almost everyone can agree upon is that our system of public education is broken.  We spend far more money on public education than anyone else in the world, and yet the results are depressing to say the least.  Considering how much we are putting into education, we should be producing the best students on the entire planet, but it just isn’t happening.  Personally, I attended public schools from kindergarten all the way up through law school, and the quality of education that I received was extremely poor.  Even on the collegiate level, most of the courses were so “dumbed down” that even the family dog could have passed them.  And of course millions of other people all over the country would say the same sorts of things about their own educations.  Many refer to what is happening to our society as “the dumbing down of America”, and if we don’t get things fixed the United States is on course to become a second class nation.

If you believe that I am exaggerating, I would like you to consider the following numbers.  The following are 14 facts that prove that America’s absolutely pathetic system of education deserves an “F” grade…

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The Danger of “Public” Education

The key issue in the entire discussion is simply this: shall the parent or the State be the overseer of the child?

An essential feature of human life is that, for many years, the child is relatively helpless, that his powers of providing for himself mature late. Until these powers are fully developed he cannot act completely for himself as a responsible individual. He must be under tutelage. This tutelage is a complex and difficult task. From an infancy of complete dependence and subjection to adults, the child must grow up gradually to the status of an independent adult. The question is under whose guidance, and virtual “ownership” the child should be: his parents’ or the State’s? There is no third, or middle, ground in this issue. Some party must control, and no one suggests that some individual third party have authority to seize the child and rear it.

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10 Reasons To Keep Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood Out Of Your Local School

There are many reasons to keep the nations largest abortion chain out of the business of miseducating our children. Here are ten really good ones.

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