Top Democrat: Dems To Go ‘All-In’ On Russia, Impeach Kavanaugh

Also laments that elite Republicans are joining Democrats.

Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., revealed plans for House Democrats to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury and investigate and impeach President Donald Trump for alleged treasonous collusion with Russia.

In post-election chats with various callers while riding the Acela train from New York to Washington, Nadler gave advice to a newly elected representative and discussed potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominees with another. He also lamented identity politics and the thriving economy and worried about Democrats losing working-class voters while gaining elite former Republicans and suburban women….

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On Election Day, Democrats Want You To Forget About Their Kavanaugh Smear Campaign. Don’t.

It’s odd, isn’t it? Democrats screamed and cried in front of cameras for weeks, insisting that Brett Kavanaugh is a dangerous rapist. Then the dangerous rapist was actually confirmed to the Supreme Court — a fact that should provoke more anger, not dampen it — yet those same Democrats have largely stopped talking about Kavanaugh altogether….

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Why Did Democrats Abandon Their Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh?

If Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is really a rapist and sexual assailant, as Democrats and media claimed, shouldn’t the story continue to be covered?

What happened to the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation battle? The claims ranged from Christine Blasey Ford’s remotely plausible if unsubstantiated allegation of a violent attempted rapeto Michael Avenatti’s completely outlandish and also unsubstantiated allegation of hosting serial gang rape parties.

From September 12 to October 6, the claims absolutely dominated all major media. They ran on the front pages of all major newspapers and filled the hours on cable and network news. Magazine journalists at The New Yorker ran with the claims, despite massive corroboration problems….

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Kavanaugh Declines More Than $600,000 From GoFundMe Campaign

Citing judicial ethics concerns, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh declined more than $600,000 that was donated to aid his family during the firestorm over sexual misconduct allegations that plagued his confirmation. The judge’s decision was announced on Tuesday in a message posted on the online fundraising page that gathered the funds.

John Hawkins, a veteran conservative blogger who runs a Kavanaugh-inspired “men’s website” called Brass Pills, organized the fundraising campaign. On Tuesday, Hawkins posted what he referred to as an “official statement” from Kavanaugh’s representatives distancing the justice from the effort….

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Believe All Women Crashes Into Wall: Woman Forced To Apologize After She Falsely Accused Nine-Year-Old Of Sexual Assault

The Supreme Court battle over Judge Brett Kavanaugh was ugly. It was another front for the Me Too movement to wage battle. It was another time for the progressive Left and its feminist wing to wage war against conservative America and for some, the patriarchy.

‘Believe all women’ is the mantra; no matter what…because apparently, women are incapable of lying. Not the case. Women have lied about being raped. You can read about it herehere, here and here. It happens. Why? Well, we’re human. We’re flawed. And everyone lies. Period.

So, what does the feminist Left have to say about this crazy New York woman who accused a nine-year-old of groping her? It was a circus. She called the police, the kids were crying and screaming, and then the video footage shows that the child’s backpack is what grazed her backside. Alas, “Cornerstone Caroline” was born. Her real name is Teresa Klein. She’s white. The kid, nine-years-old, by the way, that she falsely accused of sexual assault is black….

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35 Times Men Were Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

In recent weeks, left-wing activists have been pushing a “Believe All Women” narrative. This narrative not only ignores due process, but also reality. Sexual assaults do happen, but so do false accusations. Pointing out false accusations does not take away from supporting sexual assault survivors, because false accusations devalue actual incidents of sexual assaults.

All women should be heard, but not all women should be believed. Some women are more credible than others, and that is a fact. Below are 35 examples of men who were falsely accused. These are cases where either the accuser was charged with a crime or the facts of the case overwhelmingly point to it being false and the accuser has not been named. This list doesn’t even come close to the total number of false accusations that have been made.

Women still should be encouraged to report their assaults and seek justice….

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Brett Kavanaugh & Feminism: Confirmation Fight Exposed Hypocrisy Of Progressive Feminists

Today’s feminists don’t believe in female independence: They erase or bully women who don’t toe the leftist line.

The overwrought feminist reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has revealed the cracks inherent in third-wave feminism. Because they have linked their movement to progressivism and its growing taste for identity politics, feminist thinkers systematically ignore or castigate women who disagree with the left-wing agenda.

This bullying tactic is in obvious contradiction with feminism’s historic promise to uphold the individuality and agency of every woman. Can women actually think for themselves, or must they necessarily fall in line with progressive groupthink? The resounding answer from feminists seems to be the latter….

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