From Asylum To The Keystone Pipeline, Obama’s Judges Continue Thwarting Trump

To the Lawyer Left, elections represent a policy choice only when Democrats win.

As I write on Friday, the restraining order hasn’t come down yet. But it’s just a matter of time. Some federal district judge, somewhere in the United States, will soon issue an injunction blocking enforcement of the Trump administration’s restrictions on asylum applications.

The restrictions come in the form of a rule promulgated jointly by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and a proclamation issued by President Trump. In conjunction, they assert that an alien who wishes to apply for asylum in the United States must act lawfully: An alien who is physically present here and wishes to apply must be in the country legally; an alien outside the country who wishes to apply must present himself at a lawful port of entry — not attempt to smuggle his way in or force his way in as part of a horde (i.e., no invasions by caravan)….

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New Study Eviscerates Democrats ‘Climate Change’ Claims

Up to half the observed decline in Arctic sea ice is likely the result of natural climate cycles, according to a new study out of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

The study, published Monday, found that “internal variability contributes to about 40–50% of observed multi-decadal decline in Arctic sea ice” observed since the late 1970s, based on climate model simulations….

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Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline

A federal judge blocked the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline Thursday, saying the Trump administration’s justification for approving it last year was incomplete.

In a major victory for environmentalists and indigenous rights groups, Judge Brian Morris of the District Court for the District of Montana overturned President Trump’s permit for the Canada-to-Texas pipeline, which the president signed shortly after taking office last year.

Morris’s ruling repeatedly faulted the Trump administration for reversing then-President Obama’s 2015 denial of the pipeline permit without proper explanation. He said the State Department “simply discarded” climate change concerns related to the project….

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AL GORE WAS WRONG (AGAIN): Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dropped Nearly 3% In Trump’s First Year | Daily Wire

When President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords, liberals went ape nuts. America, they said, had just signed the death decree of the world. Al Gore moved to the South Pole and built an igloo.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the end of the world. Instead of America causing irreversible global warming, harmful greenhouses gases that some scientists say causes climate change actually decreased during Trump’s first year in office, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported….

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UN’s Solution To Climate Change: End Capitalism

What will it take to keep the planet habitable?

According to some eco-warriors, all that’s necessary is to end capitalism—the one economic system that has lifted billions from poverty and suffering.

The latest United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report led Eric Holthaus, a Grist writer, to tweet enthusiastically, “The world’s top scientists just gave rigorous backing to systematically dismantle capitalism as a key requirement to maintaining civilization and a habitable planet.”

The sentiment is not new. Three years ago, while pushing for the Paris Climate Accord, U.N. climate official Christiana Figueres described the strategy this way….

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Just Stop With The Climate-Change Disease Scaremongering, OK?

No, global warming will not spark a black death pandemic that kills millions

The Black Death could make comeback as the climate warms, asserts Oxford professor of global history and director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, Peter Frankopan. How? He suggests that melting permafrost in the Arctic could release long buried and frozen microbes to once again ravage the Earth’s people.

According to Fox News, Frankopan warned, “If we go over that degree change, it’s not about the Maldives being harder to visit on holiday or migration of people—it’s about what happens when permafrost unfreezes and the release of biological agents that have been buried for millennia.”

In support of his assertions, Frankopen pointed to the 2016 case in Siberia in which contact with a thawed reindeer carcass frozen 75 years earlier is thought to have sparked an anthrax outbreak that sickened several people and killed a 12-year-old boy….

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US CO2 Emissions Plummet Under Trump While The Rest Of The World Emits More

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell 2.7 percent from 2016 levels, according to the EPA.Emissions on a per-capita basis hit a 67-year low last year, federal data shows, and supporters are touting EPA’s data as proof Trump’s agenda is working.

EPA’s new data comes on news that, globally, greenhouse gas emissions are set to rise to historic highs by the end of the year, despite nearly 200 countries signing the Paris climate accord.

Greenhouse gas emissions continued to plummet during President Donald Trump’s first year in office, according to new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data.

Based on data from more than 8,000 large facilities, EPA found greenhouse gas emissions, mostly carbon dioxide, fell 2.7 percent from 2016 to 2017. Emissions from large power plants fell 4.5 percent from 2016 levels, according to EPA.

“Thanks to President Trump’s regulatory reform agenda, the economy is booming, energy production is surging, and we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions from major industrial sources,” EPA acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement….

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