Israel Alters Intelligence Sharing With US

Israel says it has changed its intelligence-sharing protocols with the United States after President Donald Trump disclosed classified information to Russian diplomats earlier this month that had come from Israel, even though Tel Aviv had not assented to his handing it to another country.

Israeli defense chief Avigdor Liberman told Army Radio on Wednesday, “I can confirm that we did a spot repair and that there’s unprecedented intelligence cooperation with the United States.”

He added, “What we had to clarify with our friends in the United States, we did. We did our checks.”

Liberman declined to say what changes had been made. “Not everything needs to be discussed in the media; some things need to be talked about in closed rooms,” he said.

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Brennan: As Head of The CIA, I Regularly Shared Classified Information With The Russians

Speaking in front of the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday, former CIA Director John Brennan said he regularly shared classified information with the Russians during his time at the intelligence agency.

“I shared classified information with the Russians while I was director of the CIA. The CIA on routine basis shares classified information with Russians on terrorism matters. It doesn’t mean it becomes unclassified, it means that it maintains the classification but is releasable to Russia or other partners so that in itself is not unprecedented,” Brennan said.

The comments come after a week of criticism over President Trump’s alleged sharing of classified information about ISIS with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during a recent meeting at the White House.  According to the Washington Post, the President shared the intelligence without permission or vetting from the intelligence community. Brennan backed up that assertion “if press reports are true.”

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The Media Hypocrisy Over Trump’s Intelligence Leak

The media are in a froth over reports that President Trump revealed sensitive intelligence from a liaison partner to the Russian foreign minister and Russian ambassador.  The New York Times reports:

President Trump boasted about highly classified intelligence in a meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador last week, providing details that could expose the source of the information and the manner in which it was collected, a current and a former American government official said Monday. If true, the disclosures, which appear to be inadvertent, are indeed a disaster.

The intelligence disclosed by Mr. Trump … was about an Islamic State plot, according to the officials. A Middle Eastern ally that closely guards its own secrets provided the information, which was considered so sensitive that American officials did not share it widely within the United States government or pass it on to other allies….

Sharing the information without the express permission of the ally who provided it was a major breach of espionage etiquette, and could jeopardize a crucial intelligence-sharing relationship. In fact, the ally has repeatedly warned American officials that it would cut off access to such sensitive information if it were shared too widely, the former official said. In this case, the fear is that Russia will be able to determine exactly how the information was collected and could disrupt the ally’s espionage efforts.

What the Times describes, if true, is indeed a disaster.

But it’s hard to take seriously their sudden concern over the “disaster” of exposing sources and methods – including the identity of intelligence partners – from the same news outlets that regularly, and intentionally, published highly classified intelligence in recent years, based on leaks from the Obama administration.  The Times and other news outlets regularly published “disastrous” stories which damaged US national security and exposed the involvement of US partners.

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Trump Shared Classified Information? Remember Obama & Clinton

Trump’s reported blunder with the Russians is no worse than the record of the Obama administration in such matters.

For Democrats, there is nothing like having the media and the intelligence bureaucracy on the team.

We don’t know all the details, but let’s stipulate that if President Trump disclosed to Russian diplomats secret information that was shared with the U.S. by a foreign intelligence service, as the Washington Post alleges, that could have been a reckless thing to do. General H. R. McMaster, the president’s national-security adviser, claims the Post’s story is not true; but there has been pushback from critics who say that McMaster’s denial was lawyerly.

The matter boils down to whether Trump disclosed a city in Islamic State territory from which an allied intelligence service (perhaps through a source who infiltrated ISIS, or through a collection method that enabled intelligence to penetrate ISIS operations) discovered a threat to civil aviation (reportedly involving explosives hidden in laptop computers). In asserting that the report is “false,” McMaster insisted that Trump had not “disclosed” any “intelligence sources or methods” or “military operations that were not already publicly known.” That denial, however, arguably sidesteps what the Post actually reports. The paper claims not that Trump provided the identity of the source or the nature of the intelligence method involved but that the president mentioned a city that is the locus of the information. By saying Trump did not “disclose” the source, is McMaster saying there’s no way that what was revealed could compromise the source?

It is reasonably argued that this tip could enable to Russians to figure out which ISIS cell has been infiltrated, thereby endangering the mole or other penetration method. It is also reasonably argued, though, that the Post’s own reporting of what McMaster describes as a standard diplomatic exchange of sensitive intelligence has given the Islamic State valuable information it would not otherwise have learned….continue reading

Guests Remind NBC, CNN: Obama Gave Classified Intel to Russia


While NBC and CNN joined the rest of the media in rushing to condemn the Trump White House over an unconfirmed Washington Post report that the President inadvertently shared classified information with Russian officials, guests on both networks provided important context that the Obama administration intentionally shared classified intelligence with Russia less than a year ago.

Appearing on Friday’s NBC Today, security analyst Juan Zarate warned: “The problem is the Russians aren’t trustworthy. The Russians have proven that when we’ve provided information in the past, they’ve used it against us.” He then proceeded to explain how former President Obama gave the Russians classified information just months ago….continue reading

Flashback: Liberal Media Completely Ignored Hillary Clinton’s Leak Of Classified Information During Debate

Democrat Hillary Clinton leaked out classified nuclear launch times during her debate with Donald Trump last year.

She leaked the information to millions of viewers during the debate.

The military was “not exactly thrilled” that Hillary leaked the “extremely classified information.”
Via Washington Free Beacon:

Then she tweeted out the same classified information.

The tweet is still up on her twitter account.

Of course, the Deep State media gave Hillary Clinton a complete pass.
They were on the same team.

Compare that to President Trump’s lawful exchange of information with the Russians that was leaked out by fake news media last night.
It quickly became the top story in WaPo history.

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Laura Ingraham Claimed WaPo Reporters Didn’t Seek Comment From McMaster… Despite His Quote In Their Story

Laura Ingraham appeared on Fox News Monday to provide a curious rebuttal to the bombshell report from The Washington Post alleging President Donald Trump “revealed highly classified information” to Russian officials.

The Post story claims that Trump revealed the information during his meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. The disclosure reportedly “jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.”

The meeting was attended by the president and the two Russian officials, as well as national security advisor H.R. McMaster, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy Dina Powell and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

During her appearance on Fox’s Special Report, Ingraham provided her best defense of the president, disputing the Post story and alleging that none of the officials present in the meeting were contacted for comment by the Post reporters…. continue reading

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