China Developing World’s Most Massive Population Surveillance System

‘People who travel without a ticket, or behave disorderly or smoke in public area will be punished according to regulations.’

Imagine the sum of your existence shrunk to a score that is constantly being updated and affects every area of your life –your social and economic status, access to better schools and employment, a nicer apartment, access to newer rental cars, and even friendships. You might laugh it off and point out you have seen this one in that “Black Mirror” episode.

An episode in the third season of the British sci-fi series titled “Nosedive” is indeed about a world where people can rate each other in real time based on every interaction they have, and the score each one gets determine his quality of life. Relax, you may say, it’s totally fictional. But what if I tell you such a world  not only really exists, but is also much worse than the fictional one…?

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Boston Dynamics Tries To Calm Fears Over Robot Uprising With Twerking Robo-Dog

Nobody will expect the robot uprising when it happens, especially after Japanese-owned Boston Dynamics dazzles us with twerking, moonwalking robo-dogs of death designed to win us over with their dance routines.

In fact, if you see one dancing it might be best to just run.

And while we’re all distracted by dancing robo-dogs, Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot, Atlas, will undoubtedly use its new parkour skills to flank crowds of mesmerized onlookers before hidden chain guns emerge from its arms to cull the herd.

Even Jeff Bezos may need to think twice before deploying his own private army of robo-reapers… after all, who knows what they’re going to do once they become sentient…?

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There’s No Escape Now… Boston Dynamics Video Shows Its Atlas Humanoid Robot Running And Jumping Over Obstacles

  •  ‘Atlas does parkour,’ the secretive firm says in the description for the video
  • The YouTube clip shows the robot leaping up 40cm steps, and over logs

If you thought you’d be able to run away from the terrifying new breed of robots, bad news.

Boston Dynamics has revealed a video of its terrifying Atlas robot running and jumping over obstacles with ease.

‘Atlas does parkour,’ the firm says in the description for the video, which shows the robot leaping up a series of 40cm steps with ease, and over logs with a single bound….

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AI CEO: The Best Way To Avoid Killer Robots Is To Ignore Them

The best way to avoid the harm that killer robotics and artificial intelligence can cause is to just ignore it or focus on the good this technology could do for humans “socially,” says CEO Phil Libin.  He even suggests simply “ignoring” the job losses that result from AI.

Phil Libin, the CEO of All Turtles, a startup that focuses on turning AI-related ideas into commercial products and companies said that humans becoming obsolete should just be ignored and focus should be on the good killer robots can do for society.  In a recent conversation with Business Insider, Libin said this is the same advice he got while learning to ride a motorcycle.

His instructor taught him that if an accident happened in front of him while he was riding on the highway, such as a semi-truck flipping over, the worst thing to do would be to stare at the truck. Instead, his instructor said, he should focus on the point he needed to get to in order to avoid colliding with the truck.  That advice seems great if you’re on a motorcycle, but when one is discussing AI which will make human labor obsolete, it’s a little more of a tough global concern than that….

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Video: Robots Are Ready To Build Your Next House… Today

With the resurgence of America’s economy over the past year or two, job opportunities have been growing, including for blue collar workers. As housing prices continue to recover there’s even been something of an increase in the construction sector. So maybe it’s a good time for young people to start looking into jobs in the building industry, right? Well… maybe. At least for a while. But there are some new workers competing for those jobs and they’ve got some distinct advantages over you. First of all, they can lift double their own weight all day long. And all night long. They never take vacations or call in sick. And did I mention that they work for free and don’t ask for any benefits?

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Future Of Employment: Your Next Job Interview Could Be With A Robot

There’s a lot of talk lately about robots taking our jobs.

Estimates predict that the number of jobs lost to automation within the next decade could be a million in the U.S. alone.

But what about the new job opportunities they could create? Advocates say that the number of positions created by technological developments will far outweigh those taken away.

The recruitment industry is front and center to that disruption from automation….

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Is A “Social Credit” System Coming To America?


Have you heard about China’s dystopian new “social credit” program? If you haven’t, there’s a terrifying infographic from Bored Panda that I’ll be referencing throughout this article.

The good news is that this is happening in China, where we all know a Communist government has long been crushing freedom for the residents of the nation. You may think this doesn’t affect you because you’re in America, gosh-dang-it, but we’ve seen over and over again how a “great idea” in another country, no matter how dystopian, can spread like a viral contagion.

The bad news is that it is incredibly close to happening here. Heck, it is happening here.

Don’t believe it’s already happening? Let’s take a look….

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