Why Smart Guns Are Incredibly Dumb: Hacker Cracks Smart Gun With $15 Magnets

Smart guns probably provide the last chance for gun control advocates to have their way. After trying and failing for decades to completely eviscerate gun rights in America, their last best hope is to simply let defiant gun owners have their weapons, but with conditions. They’ll try to compromise with gun owners, and tell them that they can have any firearm they want, so long as it is a smart gun, which is supposedly safer since it can’t be used by unauthorized individuals like children and criminals.

But as we all know, everything gun control advocates propose is a slippery slope. How long before these smart guns, like all smart gadgets, begin to spy on their owners? How long before smart guns can be disabled by authorities from a distance, which would effectively defang their role in society as determined by the Second Amendment?

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Women Protest NRA While Surrounded By Armed Guards For Their Protection

Hamas-linked, Sharia law loving Linda Sarsour marched with other radical left-wing lunatics from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington D.C. Friday to protest the NRA while surrounded by armed guards for their protection. Figures.

But what else should we expect from liberals? They’re liars and hypocrites by nature.

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5 Facts Gun Control Advocates HATE

Kimberly Morin writes that as more and more states pass Constitutional Carry laws, the left continues to claim that more gun control is the answer to their bogus claim about the “gun violence epidemic” across the country.

Where there actually IS an epidemic of gun violence and crime in general is a place where there are extremely strict gun control laws: Chicago. And it just keeps getting worse, as the Chicago Tribune reports:

Forty-one people in Chicago were wounded and three were killed in a weekend that saw several multi-victim shootings, an attack on a popular South Side beach and an officer-involved shooting that fatally wounded a suspect who first shot at police.

Year to date, 2016 recorded 2,113 shootings compared with 1,924 this year, according to date kept by the Tribune. Homicides, however, are slightly up at 353 this year compared with 350 at this point in 2017. [emphasis added]

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ATF Considers ‘Repealing And Replacing’ Firearm Regulations

Over the last few months, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) met with numerous groups – gun rights groups, gun control groups and law enforcement officials – to determine what firearm regulations the department could do away with.

The meetings were a direct result of the Trump Administration’s Executive Order, which focused on regulatory reform in order to“alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens placed on the American people.”

According to The Trace, a leftist news site, each organization was asked to consider the following questions:

  • What impact current regulations have on gun-violence prevention.
  • What regulations need to be ‘repealed, replaced, or modified.’
  • What regulations are outdated.

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Meet the Colorado Woman Training Teachers To Use Guns To Stop School Violence

This fall, some Colorado teachers will return to school armed with knowledge—and guns.

Laura Carno, author of “Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants,” is bringing advanced firearms training to school teachers.

“Can government stop school shooting[s]? The answer is no … How do we as a community keep our kids safer if we say government is not the right place to fix that problem?” Carno told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

Her answer is a training program called the Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response, or FASTER. Carno’s nonprofit Second Amendment advocacy group, Coloradans for Civil Liberties, planned to bring the program to Colorado teachers this summer.

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Federal Judge Blocks California Magazine Confiscation Law: “The Constitution Is A Shield From The Tyranny Of The Majority”

It’s no secret that people on the left have a disdain for our representative form of government. That’s why they threw such a big fit over the electoral college system after the last election. They don’t like the idea that laws and elections aren’t determined by the will of the majority, and they don’t recognize how dangerous that would be for everyone’s freedom (or worse, in some cases they know exactly how dangerous it would be).

But their hatred for our constitutional republic extends beyond the electoral college. They would prefer to live under a pure democracy, where the majority of the population can trash the rights of the minority. They would rather live under a system where individual rights are sacrificed for their twisted version of “the common good.”

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Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration To Bear Arms

Exclusive: Chuck Norris reveals foundation of American independence, 2nd Amendment

Almost everyone knows Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. But did you know he also wrote a Declaration of Arms?

A year prior to Congress’ adoption and ratification of the Declaration of Independence, the members were signing a declaration to pick up arms against the mother country. And Jefferson was again the primary author.

Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence when he was just 33 years old, the youngest member of Congress. He penned the Declaration of Arms when he was just 32 years old.

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