Ten civilization-shaping trends for 2013 that are driving us into social and spiritual crisis

Most people feel that a time of great change is upon us. But what kind of change is unfolding, exactly?

To answer that question, we must examine current trends and attempt to understand where they are headed.

Here’s my look at ten of the most sociologically-charged trends that I believe are leading us into a spiritual crisis (followed by a spiritual awakening, as you’ll see below).

#1) The rise of human engineered genetics…

#2) Reality escapism via gaming, social networks and computer-human interface devices such as Google Glass, VR helmets…

#3) The demonization of normalcy…

#4) The rise of “omission journalism”…

#5) The “Idiocracy” effect of self-selected procreation that multiplies the number of people least qualified to advance humanity…

#6) The censorship and criminalization of knowledge…

#7) Selective dehumanization: The abandonment of any value for the life of a newborn child or any adult who disagrees with you…

#8) The “theaterization” of narratives for political gain (false flags)…

#9) The end of privacy: Government tracking and cross-referencing of every uttered word, email, web page visit, photos and electronic communications…

#10) Rewriting of history…

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If A Virus Shuts Down All Of The Banks, You Have 72 Hours Til Martial Law

Susanne Posel has burst onto the scene of late with startling claims. She says informants from Deutsche Bank and the US military told her that if a computer virus does shut down all banks everywhere, then you have 72 hours until soldiers start breaking down doors. She says if you are on a list of people in the resistance, you ought not to be home waiting for the soldiers to disarm you to shoot you or to take you away to the concentration camps.

In terms of a time frame Max Keiser said the economy must collapse by the end of April 2013 when US income taxes are due. The government has been lying about the economy, the unemployment rate and inflation. But tax collections do not lie. The 2013 income tax returns will tell the world to dump the dollar starting with US treasury bonds which will be downgraded by ratings agencies.  This will spike interest rates and push America into the Hyperinflation I have been predicting.

If they  shut down the banks, they will also shut down the Internet so we cannot communicate with each other. I would emphasize that you need to script what you will do as if you were on a football team. Everyone in your local network needs to go to a rendezvous point to start the resistance if it is needed.

Given the behavior of the United States government AND of the People who think they own the government, a Computer Virus Bank Holiday is entirely plausible….

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» Rome Burned, Will We?

As America’s engineered economic implosion accelerates, the parallels with how the Roman empire fell are staggering. It is now abundantly clear that the ruling class is preparing for a planned economic implosion after which they will declare themselves the saviors.

A recent Reuters report highlighting how the Federal Reserve has been telling major banks in the U.S. to prepare for a “worst case scenario” financial collapse and that these banks would not be able to rely on government support underscores once again how the elite are positioning themselves to exploit the next leg of the orchestrated financial meltdown.

Just as happened in the aftermath of 2008, the ruling class is getting ready to offer the solution of more centralized control and more financial serfdom as the solution to the problem they created in the first place.

By making the public and industry beg for QE3, the Federal Reserve will once again try to manipulate the crisis to portray itself as the guardian of a fragile system and accumulate yet more power.

America is now ruled by a gaggle of completely corrupt financial terrorists who will stop at nothing to hollow out the country in pursuit of their own maniacal and selfish gain….

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Time to wake up, America!

It’s time! The buzzer has sounded; the tip off has been had; the whistle has blown; and the lineup cards have been exchanged. Wake up, conservatives, the game is passing you by! It’s time to do one of two things: Either take it to the showers or get off your lazy backsides, hit the field and get after somebody.

Little by little, year by year, ever so consistently, conservative ideals and principles are being dismissed in our society. Conservative ideology is being flippantly ignored as if it represents a backwoods ignorant mentality that only existed when people were “uneducated” and not as “progressive” as those who call themselves progressive think they are today. You can almost hear the thought rolling around in the liberal’s skull as he humorously listens to a voice of conservative thought: “Silly conservative. It’s so cute when they say stuff like that.” Other times – rapidly becoming the norm – we witness all-out assaults on conservative principles, ideologies and themes that have made up the very backbone of this great nation for generations. These assaults – largely promulgated by our beloved America-hating mainstream media, specified minority groups, along with an obnoxious array of special-interest factions, everything from NAMBLA to PETA – do nothing but weaken many of our nation’s core values while undermining the unity of the American people. Brother against brother….

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December 21, 2012? I think not…

An excavation of an archaeological site in Guatemala has uncovered Mayan astronomical records dating to the ninth century A.D. The tabulated numbers, which predate existing Mayan astronomical documents by several hundred years, chart the motion of the moon and also seem to relate to the orbits of Mars and Venus. And good news: they do not predict the world will end this year—in fact, some of the numbers appear to refer to dates far in the future.

Archaeologists stumbled onto the astronomical tables, inscribed on the walls of a small building, while excavating part of the Xultun ruins, a large, heavily looted archaeological site in northern Guatemala, near its borders with Mexico and Belize. William Saturno, an archaeologist at Boston University B.U., recalls that an undergraduate student noticed the remains of a mural on one of the walls, triggering an excavation of the room, which had been partly exposed by looters. On three of the walls the researchers found figural paintings, along with a series of glyphs and numerals….

via Ancient Time: Earliest Mayan Astronomical Calendar Unearthed in Guatemala Ruins: Scientific American

Scientists at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory have put out a new video to address false claims about the “Mayan apocalypse,” a non-event that some people believe will bring the world to an end on Dec. 21.

Addressing the belief that the calendar used by the ancient Mayan civilization comes to a sudden end in December 2012, and that this will coincide with a cataclysmic, world-ending event, Yeomans said: “Their calendar does not end on December 21, 2012; its just the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one. Its just like on December 31, our calendar comes to an end, but a new calendar begins on January 1….”

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Renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan once described a “baloney detection kit” — a set of tools that skeptical thinkers use to investigate any new concept. A few of the key tools include a healthy distrust of information that isnt independently verified, critically assessing an idea rather than becoming irrationally attached to it simply because its intriguing, and a preference for simple explanations over wildly speculative ones.

The waxing obsession with Nibiru, which conspiracy theorists say is a planet swinging in from the outskirts of our solar system that is going to crash into Earth and wipe out humanity in 2012 — or, in some opinions, 2011 — shows that an astonishing number of people “are watching YouTube videos and visiting slick websites with nothing in their skeptical toolkit,” in the words of David Morrison, a planetary astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center and senior scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute….

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Megadeth Founder Dave Mustaine: Obama Birth Certificate Fake; Why No Impeachment? [Radio]

Megadeth Founder Dave Mustaine: Obama Birth Certificate Fake; Why No Impeachment?

Illuminati Olympic Dance [Video]

This was a strange dance by Akram Khan incorporating astrological and alchemical symbolism at the 2012 London Olympic Ceremony. It was cut from the US broadcast and replaced with a mindless Ryan Seacrest interview.

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