10 Things You Won’t See Republicans Doing After Losing The House


  • Having public tantrums and beating on the doors of Congress, the way that Kavanaugh confirmation protesters did on the doors of the Supreme Court.
  • Wearing any items of clothing meant to reference genitalia, like Women’s Marchers.
  • Demanding grief counselors and coloring books in schools and offices, the way real-life grown-ups did in 2016.
  • Playing dress-up as characters of the same dystopian novel overand over again, while using its characters to condescend to political opponents and ignoring real patriarchal abuses of women’s rights all over the world.
  • Stripping naked to get out the vote, like some left-leaning celebrities did for the midterms.
  • Making plans to meet up in public on the anniversary of the election date next year to scream at the sky.
  • Doxxing newly elected Democratic Congressmen and women, or chasing them out of restaurants.
  • Declaring that our adopted daughters were better off in authoritarian China.
  • Assuming that Democrat voters made their decisions because they meekly bent to pressure from family members.
  • Pronouncing the House of Representatives an illegitimate institution because the election didn’t go our way, like the Democrats have the Electoral College, Supreme Court, and the Senate.


SOURCE: 10 Things You Won’t See Republicans Doing After Losing The House


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