Former Planned Parenthood Client: Defund Them. Now.

“Planned Parenthood treated me like a number toward their quota.”

On an annual basis, abortion mill Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion dollars from American taxpayers. As some Republicans push for the defunding of the scandal-ridden lucrative nonprofit in proposed health care bills, the Left has sought to fearmonger over the proposal and fashion supporters of the effort as far-right, anti-woman extremists.

“But the reality is that many women who have gone to the abortion industry for care – like myself – are some of the most vocal proponents of defunding the abortion provider,” says Ally Bowlin, writing at Live Action News. 

Bowlin explains how she succumbed to the lies of the pro-abortion movement and regretfully had an abortion. At a follow-up appointment at a Planned Parenthood facility, Bowlin says she was treated “like a number,” void of any real “care” the company so often touts.

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