Don’t Let Climate Alarmists Neuter Your Kids’ Desire For A Family

If they can’t reduce the current number of people on earth, climate alarmists can teach young people that reproducing is amongst the worst of moral sins. But they’re wrong.

Never mind that the United States has its lowest birth rate ever, a major problem for both our economy and entitlement programs, a new study from IOP Science wants to stop young people from ruining the world by teaching them of the dangerous effects of having children. The authors claim that “having one fewer child” is the most significant action one can take “to contribute to systemic change and substantially reduce annual personal emissions.” While they also named living car-free, avoiding travel by plane, and eating a vegetarian diet as effective emissions-reducing techniques, they assert these actions have only a fraction of the potential to save the earth as strictly limiting family size.

They reached their findings based on a 2009 study where “half of a child’s emissions are assigned to each parent, as well as one quarter of that child’s offspring (the grandchildren) and so forth.”

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