‘Game of Thrones’: Why You Should Root For Littlefinger

Only Lord Baelish will fight for meritocracy and the free market.

Game of Thrones returns this weekend and, after six seasons, we’ve learned some important truths: Westeros is a terrible place to live. Few nobles are noble. Lands are ruled by tyrants vested with power through birth or blood. The realm’s subjects exist at the mercy of their autocrats’ whims. And those rare few who do rise in station tend only to do so by their martial prowess.

In short, Westeros was never great, so it cannot be made great again.

One powerful lord does enjoy a rags-to-riches story, though — and he’s set on making the Seven Kingdoms into a good old-fashioned American meritocracy. I write, of course, about Petyr Baelish, whom you may know better as Littlefinger.

Do not fall into the trap of choosing among royal brats. Baelish is the only plausible candidate for the Iron Throne whose claim is not hereditary. He epitomizes what could soon be called the Westerosi Dream.

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