Net Neutrality ‘Day Of Action’ Fizzles Into Big Yawn

The “Day of Action” for Net Neutrality, organized by the world’s biggest corporations for their own economic benefit, appears to be fizzling into a big yawn.

In the run-up to the July 12 online “Battle for the Net” to save Net Neutrality regulations from repeal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Republican majority, Breitbart News reported the potential for the protest to morph into a 24-hour rage by viral organizations and criminal “hacktivist” wolf-packs.

But 18 hours into the heavily-promoted online rebellion funded by the Washington, D.C. corporate lobbyists for Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Mozilla, PornHub, Spotify, and Reddit, have not been able to prod the 100,000 interest groups they supposedly signed up to generate much in the way of rage.

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