Net Neutrality: The Latest Weapon In The Left’s Misguided Crusade For Forced Equality

Net neutrality is one of those rare topics where it seems like everyone agrees.  From major online businesses to liberal late-night comedians, people across the ideological spectrum view the Federal Communications Commissions internet regulations as a positive and necessary protection of “internet freedom.” But in reality, net neutrality is a policy that holds back technological innovation, restricts consumer choice, and makes companies a prisoner of mediocrity.

The idea of net neutrality seems like a reasonable one on the surface. In essence, net neutrality is a series of policies laid out by the FCC that prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from discriminating amongst users in the quality of connectivity service provided. The stated goal of the regulations is to ensure an equal playing field on the internet where all users are treated the same. With such a premise, who could possibly oppose net neutrality? After all, who is against equality?

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