5 Facts Gun Control Advocates HATE

Kimberly Morin writes that as more and more states pass Constitutional Carry laws, the left continues to claim that more gun control is the answer to their bogus claim about the “gun violence epidemic” across the country.

Where there actually IS an epidemic of gun violence and crime in general is a place where there are extremely strict gun control laws: Chicago. And it just keeps getting worse, as the Chicago Tribune reports:

Forty-one people in Chicago were wounded and three were killed in a weekend that saw several multi-victim shootings, an attack on a popular South Side beach and an officer-involved shooting that fatally wounded a suspect who first shot at police.

Year to date, 2016 recorded 2,113 shootings compared with 1,924 this year, according to date kept by the Tribune. Homicides, however, are slightly up at 353 this year compared with 350 at this point in 2017. [emphasis added]

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