Donald Trump Jr. Wanted Dirt On Hillary From The Russian Govt. — OMG That’s AWESOME!

The “worse” the Donald Trump Jr. “scandal” gets, the more I know Republican voters chose the right guy to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016. At first it looked as though the meeting in question was over something touchy-feely, like adoption. Upon hearing that, my first thought was, Wait. You’ve just secured the nomination and the first thing you do is pull the campaign manager (Paul Manafort) and the Donald-whisperer (Jared Kushner) into a meeting about adoption? Are you insane?!?!

No kidding, I was furious. Hey, when the future of the country is at stake and you are up against the unholy trinity of the Clinton Machine, the entire mainstream media-complex, and their butthurt allies in #NeverTrump, there is no time to waste. But then the truth came out… we learned that the meeting was set up in the hopes of receiving information from the Russian government that would ensure Hillary Clinton never-ever-ever became president, and my faith in the epic bad-assery of Team Trump was restored. Maybe even bolstered.

TrumpWorld is populated with people who will do anything — ANYTHING — to win, and as long as it remains legal, those are my kind of Republicans.

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