ICBM Challenge: How Donald Trump Should Push Back Against North Korea

North Korea has once again challenged the international community, test firing what Pyongyang is claiming is an intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, capable of hitting the U.S. homeland with an atomic payload.

Maybe. What isn’t in dispute is that the Trump administration is in quite the bind when it comes to how to deal with the so-called “hermit kingdom”.

We do know one thing for certain—we won’t see B-2 bombers launching a decapitation strike on Kim Jong-un anytime soon or a Gulf War One bombing campaign against the north.

The challenge is simple: miss one nuclear warhead and Pyongyang will fire its remaining nuke along with its deadly arsenal of chemical and biological weapons towards South Korea, Japan or U.S. bases in the Asia-Pacific. World War III here we come—and no one is going to risk that.

So what does the Trump Administration do?

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