What If Trump Fails?

Get ready for an American version of socialism.

It may be time to contemplate the political fallout in America if Donald Trump fails as president and the American people decide to expel him from the White House. The most likely result will be a pronounced lurch to the left. Get ready for an American version of socialism.

This certainly isn’t what this publishing enterprise, or I as its editor, would wish for the American people. But history unfolds according to certain patterns and cycles, and we must consult those patterns and cycles from time to time to ascertain where the country is going—or where it would go under particular circumstances. And peering into the future is pointless if it isn’t done with clear-eyed realism.

This is not to argue that the Trump presidency is headed for the skids. Although his early months in office have not been auspicious and he has shown signs of potentially debilitating personal and political weakness, past presidents have recouped from early fumbling to perform admirably in office. Bill Clinton comes to mind. But if we look at some fundamental propositions of how our political history unfolds, the conclusion becomes inescapable that chances are strong for a Trump presidential failure, and such a failure likely would pave the way for the rise of leftist politics of an intensity that we haven’t seen for a long time in America.

I shall make my argument through an exploration of some fundamental propositions of American politics.

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