Energy Independence In America Can Be Achieved

No nation is better positioned to exploit the age of shale energy

In his latest policy speech, President Donald Trump renewed his promise of an era of American global energy dominance. He said that this energy superpower status would be gained by using “all of our energy resources.” He also noted that in just six months, “we reduced the petroleum share of the trade deficit by 5 percent.” Not bad. And what a welcome change from President Obama whose administration took every possible step to stop American fossil fuel development.

Mr. Trump recognizes what almost all his critics choose to ignore: we are entering an age of American energy renaissance that will last not just years but many decades. While the left keeps placing bad bets on expensive and unreliable green energy, Mr. Trump has a more robust and realistic strategy: make the United States the 21st century Saudi Arabia. We are well on our way getting to that goal given the continuing story of the shale oil and gas explosion. Here are some facts to think about:

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