Universal Basic Income Is A Lazy Solution To The Oncoming Labor Crisis

Silicon Valley has looked into the future and seen what many of us are seeing – automation and technology are replacing jobs faster than businesses are creating them. What started as a mere murmurings has reverberated louder into an open call from some of the wealthiest businesspeople in the United States including Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk for universal basic income.

Universal basic income is a stipend paid by the government to individuals simply for being alive. The idea began in Europe and has been gaining momentum in several countries. The principal behind the idea is that it serves as a safety net for unemployment due to market forces such as automation. Several countries have begun experimenting with a basic income including an experiment run in Ontario, Canada, which distributed a stipend of $12, 616 as its basic income. The idea has started to gain traction in America.

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