Mark Levin Lists 13 Differences Between Liberals And Conservatives … And It’s A Quite A List To Behold

Mark Levin’s new book, “Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism” has just hit No. 1 on Amazon’s list and it only just arrived in the bookstores.

The constitutional lawyer and radio host gave viewers of the “Hannity” show on Fox News a sneak peek of some of the fundamental principles that Americans used to share — and how they differ from the pervading progressive beliefs.

He put it in an “us versus them, conservative versus progressive” way.

Here’s his list:

  • We believe in the Constitution, they believe in centralism.
  • We believe in individualism, they believe in conformity.
  • We believe in private property, they believe in collectivism.
  • We believe in prosperity, they believe in redistribution.
  • We believe in separation of powers, they believe in the administrative state.
  • We believe in eternal truths, they believe in ideological social engineering.
  • We believe in cultural stability, they believe in constant transformation.
  • We believe in real science, they believe in social science.
  • We believe in the rights of man, they believe in the power of government.
  • We believe in the moral order, they believe in situational ethics.
  • We believe in liberty, they believe in a growing authoritarianism.
  • We believe in education, they believe in indoctrination.
  • We believe in civil society, they believe in the federal leviathan.

Levin told Hannity that the differences are so stark that, “There couldn’t be any bigger difference between them and us.”

Source: Mark Levin Lists 13 Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives … And It’s a Quite a List to Behold


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