BOOM! How Feminists Are To Blame For The REAL Gender Gap

From Regan Pifer: Ahhhh, that supposed wage gap that alllll the women love to point to and complain about. But is it actually true?

The Wall Street Journalrecently reported it is not. At least it isn’t the case for female CEOs. Though there are lessfemale CEOs, they are paid better–yes, better–than their male counterpart.

Everyone’s side is hurting–because they have leaned in enough.

The article reports:

In an unusual reversal of the gender pay gap, female chief executives at some of the largest U.S. companies repeatedly outearn their male counterparts. Last year, 21 female CEOs received a median compensation package of $13.8 million, compared with the $11.6 million median for 382 male chiefs, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of S&P 500 leaders who held the job a full year.

Women in the corner office at the biggest American firms made more money than men in six of the past seven years, though the gap has narrowed since 2014.

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