Bernie’s Hypocrisy On Wages BRUTALLY Exposed

V. Saxena reports hypocrite socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders reportedly earned more than $858,000 last year in royalties from two books touting his socialist vision for America.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, he earned $795,000 from “Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” and $63,750 from “The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.”

Considering that Sanders happens to be a self-declared socialist schmuck who hates millionaires and billionaires (himself not included, apparently) and opposes income inequality (i.e., people who work hard/smart, thus earning more than those who don’t), it’s quite a show of hypocrisy for him to accept so much money for his “work.”

Especially considering that his 2016 income places him among the loathed “one percent.”

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