Wireless And Drone Execs Praised President Trump As He Pledged To Cut Down Regulations

For the likes of AT&T and PrecisionHawk, the face time with the president offered a chance to push their agendas.

Some of the nation’s leading wireless giants and drone makers offered effusive praise of President Donald Trump on Thursday as they lobbied his administration to eliminate the federal regulations that stand in the way of their businesses.

As part of the White House’s five-day focus on technology, Trump gathered executives from those industries — including AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, PrecisionHawk CEO Michael Chasen and a number of venture capitalists — for a morning of brainstorming sessions devoted to spurring new investments in emerging fields.

For the likes of Stephenson, the public audience with Trump offered an opportunity to continue nudging the U.S. government — including in a scheduled, private session with the leader of the Federal Communications Commission earlier Thursday — to cut back on restrictions that make it difficult for AT&T and other telecom giants to grow their footprint and deploy the new technologies, such as 5G wireless.

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