Ron Johnson And Ted Cruz Join The Rand Paul/Mike Lee Opposition To Obamacare Lite

Tea Party senators claim to be “open to negotiation” yet insist on repealing Obamacare, which no version of the AHCA has come close to doing.

As widely predicted in this space and elsewhere, Sens. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) have come out in quick opposition to the first draft (as written) of the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). But for weeks now, the parlor game in Washington has been: Which Republican would have the courage (or is it opportunism?) to join them, thereby tipping the whip count to 51-49 against, and potentially incurring the same kind of wrath that President Donald Trump deployed so effectively against the House Freedom Caucus?

The answer just came—Paul/Lee’s fellow Tea Party senators, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.). Johnson had been pretty vocal last night about the rushed and secretive drafting process, while Cruz has been oscillating between his personae as Mr. Anti-Obamacare and someone who wants to “get to yes.”

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