Here Is The Full Text Of The Republican Healthcare Bill

Senate Republicans have just released their official 142-page healthcare bill.

Here are some initial takeaways:

  • Ends ACA mandates for individuals AND employers 
  • Funds the ACA’s cost-sharing subsidies through 2019 but then only provides tax credits for people with incomes up to 350% of the federal povery level
  • Tax cuts largely similar to those in the House bill. That includes repealing a 3.8% tax on investment income retroactively to January 2017 and delaying the repeal of a 0.9% payroll tax until 2023
  • Contributes $62 billion to a “State Innovation Fund”
  • Seeks funding for insurers through 2021
  • Allows ‘children’ to stay on parental plans until the age of 26
  • Bill suspends ‘Cadillac Tax’ on employer health plans through 2025

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