High-Rise Building With 27 Floors Goes Up In Flames, Yet Doesn’t Uniformly Collapse Like WTC 7… Ever Wonder Why?

Another horrific incident has occurred in London where a 24-story building that functioned as public housing to some 600 people caught fire on Wednesday and quickly went up in a blazing inferno. It was a scene perhaps even more disturbing than the one that occurred back on September 11, 2001, to the infamous “Building 7,” which caught fire from the two main World Trade Center towers before suddenly and unexpectedly free-falling within its own footprint.

Grenfell Tower in West London did not collapse like Building 7, even though the fire was much worse and engulfed the entire building. It is still said to be smoldering, in fact, with at least 30 confirmed deaths and many more expected. First responders say that when all is said and done, the final death toll could top 100 victims, making the Grenfell Tower fire one of the worst tragedies to occur in recent history.

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