What Is Really The Goal Of Socialist Health Care?

Though it is altogether forgotten these days, the health insurance concept was originally intended to help working people (by which I mean all those who depend on income derived from their own personal labor, rather than their wealth, however invested) aggregate resources, so that, by spreading the cost of occasional health emergencies over a large enough pool of relatively small contributions, it would be more than adequate to help individuals cope with health crises without having to disgorge all their savings and/or destroy their livelihood.  This is an assurance the wealthy can enjoy as a matter of course, provided they do not spend their substance on carnal dissipation, fruitless or physically injurious luxuries, or inordinate ambitious undertakings.

Thus, even for the wealthy, their self-insurance requires self-discipline.  But this is even more obviously the case for working people, for whom bodily health is their fundamental asset, the substance of their substance, so to speak.  Actuarial tables, health examinations, risk assessments and all the other features we associate with the health insurance business reflect this fundamental fact.  This fact actually points to the real purpose that ought to drive the health insurance business, which is to insure health.  It ought to focus primary attention on healthy habits of mind and body—nutrition, sleep and exercise—including the mental and spiritual exercises (prayer, sports, mentally engaging diversions) that help to reduce emotional stresses that can wear down the body’s systems for maintaining and defending itself.

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