Is Trump Backing A Secret Muslim Coalition Against Iran? Ask Sudan.


President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia in mid-May appears to have been far more consequential than first reported. During his speech at the Gulf Cooperation Council on May 21, in Riyadh, the president strengthened the strategic U.S.-Saudi relationship, reasserting America’s alignment with Sunni allies and Gulf States in the wake of the previous administration’s rapprochement with Iran.

Trump’s tough talk on Iran was music to King Salman’s ears. Since the signing of the JCPOA, informally known as the Iran nuclear deal, the Saudis have raised the alarm bell about America’s shifting loyalties toward Tehran and its Shiite affiliates. In response, the Saudi’s have created stronger partnerships with not just Sunni states within their orbit of influence, but Israel, forming a de facto anti-Iran coalition.

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