Trump Discloses Income From More Than 500 Companies

President Trump released his 2016 financial disclosure forms on Friday, showing hundreds of millions of dollars in income from positions in 565 different businesses.

For example, Trump raked in more than $37 million alone from Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach estate where he has spent many weekends of his presidency. He took in another $19.7 million from his Bedminster, N.J., golf property and over $20.1 million from his Jupiter, Fla., golf property.

Trump earned in excess of $636 million in rent, royalties, revenues and other forms of income directly from his businesses, rental properties and books, according to the financial disclosure.

He earned millions more from stocks and investments in dozens of additional corporations, such as Boeing and Microsoft. However, Trump’s transition spokesman said in December that he had sold his stocks in June 2016 to avoid conflicts of interest during the presidential race, so the amount of money Trump yielded from investments was far lower than it would have been had he held onto his stocks until the end of the year.

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