Deep State Leaks An ‘Utter Perversion Of The System’

Tucker Carlson went in with guns blazing after yesterday’s Senate testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions – calling elements of the US Intelligence community ‘corrupt’ and ‘politicized’ for illegally leaking information with the intention of damaging President Trump.

In a Democracy we’re in charge – not unelected bureaucrats… Once the beurocracy has shoved asdie an elected government, they can do it again – and at that point it’s over… democracy is dead.

Tucker counts the ways…

For months, conspiratorial propaganda has been making it’s way from the United States surveillance apparatus to mainstream outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post – which was instrumental in seeding the phrase ‘fake news.‘ For more salacious material such as the discredited 35-page ‘pissgate’ dossier (cobbled together in part through a 4chan trolling effort), tabloid outlets such as Buzzfeed are utilized.

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