20 Times Violence Threatened, Used, In Wake Of Dems’ Political Collapse

Top party official called for ‘violence, death, blood in the streets’

There is no doubt that politics in the United States now include a level of violence not seen in recent memory.

It comes as factions of the Democratic Party have proven unable to accept the fact their candidate for president, now twice-failed Hillary Clinton, lost a decisive election to the GOP candidate, Donald Trump, in 2016.

It means they are not able to continue pushing the nation in a far-left progressive direction, as they did over and over again under Barack Obama.

Even during the campaign, Trump supporters faced physical beatings. They continue to face violence at “resist” protests around the country even now, as those Democrats have moved over and over to deny Trump the rights of the office.

Wednesday, Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and several congressional aides were shot during baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, as they prepared to participate in a charity game.

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