Washington Post’s Orlando Retrospective Dwells On ‘Gun Violence,’ Omits Terrorism And ISIS

It seems like it would be difficult to write a 1,000-plus-word article on the deadliest shooting rampage in recent U.S. history and make no mention of the killer’s motivations and allegiances.

The Washington Post, however, found a way.

On Monday, the one-year anniversary of a shooting spree at a popular nightclub in Orlando, Fla., the paper published a retrospective titled, “A year ago, 49 people died at Pulse nightclub. Today, Orlando remembers.”

The 1,036-word report detailed the events preceding the deadly June 12, 2016, shooting, which claimed the lives of nearly 50 people and left another 58 severely wounded.

The Post article went to great lengths detailing the immediate aftermath of the massacre, and it also profiled the man responsible for the killing, 19-year-old security guard Omar Mateen.

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