If You Believe In “Climate Change,” You Are Part Of An Anti-Life CULT That’s Seeking The Genocide Of Plants, Forests And Ecosystems Across Our Planet 


When President Donald Trump announced last week that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change Accord the mainstream media went ballistic. Paul Krugman of The New York Times labeled Trump’s decision “sheer spite,” and insisted that the president is doing his “best to destroy the world’s hopes of reining in climate change.” He also claimed that opposition to belief in global warming is all about “protecting the profits of the coal industry.”

Is this really true, though? Are people like Mike Adams, the founder and editor of Natural News, somehow trying to protect the profits of Big Industry by decrying belief in man-made global warming? Or are they the only ones telling us the truth? What reason might some in the mainstream media and scientific community have for pushing belief in this unsubstantiated theory?

The first thing to be very clear on is this: While the very words “carbon dioxide” have been vilified to the point that many view them as the label of a poisonous pollutant, the truth is that every living thing on this planet is reliant on CO2. Continuing to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels would eventually result in the death of all plant and animal life on our planet, including all human life.

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