Comey Testimony: What He Didn’t Say On Russia Probe Should Worry Trump Most

In the new abnormal that defines the Donald Trump era, FBI officials sit around debating whether they should tell the president of the United States whether he’s part of an investigation into Russian subversion.

Think about that. The story arc of the June 8 hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee may have been as simple to understand as the courtroom climax of any Law and Order episode: Who are you going to believe, the witness or the defendant? And make no mistake: Donald Trump was the off-stage defendant on Capitol Hill, while star witness James Comey all but pronounced the president a suspected accomplice of Moscow.

In the former FBI director’s telling, watched by nearly 20 million people, top bureau officials debated what to tell Trump about the progress of their multiple investigations into contacts between Russian intelligence and the president-elect’s associates. “One of the members of the [FBI] leadership team had a view that, although it was technically true [that] we did not have a counter-intelligence file case open on then-President-elect Trump…his behavior, his conduct will fall within the scope of that work.”

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