Violent Crime Fell For Decades. Obama Changed That.

New reports on crime from 2016 show that in Obama’s last year in office, violent crimes increased. This was the second year this happened, as 2015 saw a rise in crime as well.

The Brennan Center for Justice has previously reported that the murder rate rose 13.2 percent in America’s largest cities in 2015. This reported pointed out that just three cities — Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. — were responsible for more than half of the rise in homicide.

The 2016 report showed another jump in homicide in American cities by 13.1 percent, with Chicago alone being responsible for 55.1 percent of the increase in homicide.

Crime is still relatively low. After nearly two decades of declining crime rates, even increases like this still put in some of the safest recent years. However, the jump is alarming, and some believe that its concentration in urban areas can be attributed to what some call the “Ferguson effect.”

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