The Real ‘Resistance’ to Trump? The GOP Congress.

Republicans may control Washington, but they’re squabbling over turf—just as the Founders intended.

Donald Trump’s young presidency is already prompting many Americans to dust off their high-school civics knowledge and think again about concepts like the “separation of powers,” interbranch “checks and balances” and the proper functioning of the federal government. At the same time, it is prompting many pundits, especially but not exclusively on the left, to worry that Trump presents an unprecedented threat to the Constitution.

Many are asking aloud questions that in recent times had only been whispered: Do the Constitution’s checks and balances still work? Is James Madison’s 18th-century notion that “ambition” could be trusted to “counteract ambition” applicable to an era of partisanship so intense that it’s warping people’s very conceptions of reality? Can the other constitutional branches—and especially Congress—check President Trump?

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