The Paris Accord Epitomizes Why All Bureaucrats Need Term Limits

The United Nations and other international organizations are prime examples of a bureaucracy run amuck to the point of undermining democratic rule and the people’s sovereignty.

The Paris climate agreement was always a bureaucratic trap that threatened U.S. sovereignty and undermined international law. It is a good thing President Trump has pulled us out of it. Other nations will be grateful to the United States in the long run.

Just consider how after nearly two years no one yet knows if the agreement is a treaty containing legally binding obligations or a non-binding resolution containing mere political commitments. The lawyers were just pushed aside on this one. The United Nations (UN) bureaucracy, aided by opportunistic politicians and diplomats, concocted a new kind of agreement no one really understands.

On the one hand, it has some of the characteristics of a non-binding resolution, including characteristically vague open-ended language and moralizing tone, but on the other, it purports to establish binding obligations and deadlines. Its legality is so obscure that even the best international lawyers can’t really make heads or tails of it—even international lawyers who tend to be more liberal than their domestic counterparts were thrown for a loop with this chimera.

Some call it an “agreement.” Others go as far as calling it a “treaty.” Most newspapers, not knowing how exactly to characterize it, just talk about a “deal” or “accord.” All this plays into the hands of bureaucrats.

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