I Disagree With Trump on Climate Change, But Support His Paris Accord Withdrawal

On several occasions in recent years, Donald Trump has expressed his opinionthat global warming, or climate change, is a myth. He’s called it an “expensive hoax” and “bulls**t” that was invented by the Chinese to hurt US manufacturing. “I don’t believe in climate change,” he said in a 2015 interview. The vast majority of scientists, with some exceptions, disagree. Having no expertise in this area, my strong inclination is to defer to the overwhelming scientific consensus — even while acknowledging the dramatic shortcomings of alarmist modeling, as well as potent allegations of unethical methods and vengeful blackballing by some prominent climate scientists determined to silence critics. The evidence demonstrates that the earth’s climate is warming over time, and that mankind is a driver of that change.  I therefore reject Trump’s denial of this reality, which is sometimes justified by unserious anecdotal observations.

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