Bloomberg And The Left Suddenly Embrace Private Funding For Paris Climate Accord

Liberal billionaire promises to replace taxpayer dollars with private charity, unknowingly proving private charity can functionally replace wasting taxpayer funds.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to pledge $15 million of charity to the United Nations in an effort replace what was supposed to be the United States’ contribution under the Paris climate accord, reports the Hill.

Bloomberg, who now serves as the U.N. special envoy for cities and climate change, made his philanthropic announcement, and in doing so, accidentally voiced strong support for utilizing private funding to support causes people believe in. He did so at a press conference on Friday, only one day after President Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Accord.

“The United States, through strong action from local leaders, businesses and investors, remains committed to fulfilling the Paris agreement.”

“I look forward to working with [French President Emmanuel Macron] and [Paris] Mayor [Anne] Hidalgo to ensure that the Paris Agreement remains in full force.”

“Local governments and businesses and individuals can do their part. If states can do something, that’s great. We need action.”

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