Washington’s Power Shift: How Congress Is Enacting Trump’s Call to Drain the Swamp

Over the course of 2016, the call rang out again and again: “Drain the swamp!” This phrase—second only to “Make America Great Again”—defined last year’s election. Ultimately, the people had this overwhelming sense that Washington wasn’t listening, that the country was on the wrong track, and that faraway elites didn’t care to help them or even hear their opinions.

So while we have big issues to tackle—health care and tax reform top the list—President Trump and Republicans in Congress recognize that if we don’t disrupt the way Washington works, we’ll end up facing the same problems.

So how does Washington work? The truth is, some parts of Washington have gathered up power for decades while simultaneously shedding accountability. States, which have always been more accountable to the people, were reduced to implementers of federal policy. On the other hand, bureaucracies have grown exponentially and began effectively legislating without ever having to respond to growing popular concerns.

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