The Saudis Are Not Driving Out Islamic Terrorists

The Saudis bear much responsibility for the threat confronting the West.

Donald Trump gave his first headline speech about Islamic terrorism last week, and so far so good. The president emphasized that violent extremism must be obliterated, but also insisted that our allies shoulder a greater portion of the weight. “Drive them out,” Trump instructed the nations of the Middle East. “Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth.”

The problem was the setting of Trump’s speech: Saudi Arabia, the ancient Islamic holy land, whose monarchs afforded our president a royal welcome, even projecting a towering Trump visage onto the side of the hotel where he was staying. There was plenty of alluring pomp during the visit, but Trump shouldn’t be fooled.

The Saudis are not driving out Islamic terrorists. More than any other country on earth, theirs bears responsibility for the present threat confronting the West, and they haven’t done nearly enough to rectify the damage.

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