Inside The Beltway: 77% Of Americans Say The Nation’s Moral Values Have Tanked

There is a reason why so many voters have complained that they don’t recognize their country, their culture or the direction life appears to have taken. The nation’s basic tenets are in decline, and the public knows it.

“Americans’ ratings of U.S. moral values, consistently negative through the years, have slipped to their lowest point in seven years. More than four in five (81 percent) now rate the state of moral values in the U.S. as only fair or poor,” writes Jim Norman, a Gallup analyst.

Only 17 percent would rate the values as “excellent,” the pollster found, and a mere 16 percent say they are improving. Another 77 percent say they are worsening.

“Though majorities of Americans say they are proud of their country and are satisfied with their overall quality of life, they are not as positive about the state of the nation’s moral values. Even liberals, who seemingly should be pleased with the growing number of Americans who agree with their point of view on the morality of prominent social issues, are more likely to say things are getting worse than getting better,” says Mr. Norman.

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