Democrats’ 2018 Election Prospects — Trump Bashing Helps Them

A little unifying hatred goes a long way at the ballot box.

Conventional wisdom says that Democrats are in serious trouble. In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the narrative goes something like this: Democrats are internally divided, with the far-left wing led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren battling it out with the establishment Clinton wing of the party; blue-dog Democrats have been wiped out, with pro-choice radicals in full command; intersectionality-focused Democrats are warring with class-warfare Democrats.

The Democrats, this logic continues, must offer more than merely being anti-Trump. They are hysterically anti-Trump, in fact, to the point that they have harmed their own credibility. They cannot hope to win seats simply by shouting “Impeachment!” and then waiting for political manna to fall from heaven. They must make proposals. They must offer a firm, ideologically grounded opposition.

According to this narrative, Republicans have the upper hand in 2020. All they have to do is let President Trump drive the Left batty, pass a few pieces of relatively minor legislation, and watch Democrats implode. Democrats won’t be able to win just by trotting out Maxine Waters and Al Franken. They’ll have to do something to put the pieces back together.

There’s only one problem with this narrative: It isn’t true.

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